Sunday, 15 November 2015

Industrial Shelf.

We love industrial decor at the moment, getting our inspiration from local bars that have exposed pipework on the walls and wooden crates for tables. Industrial decor gives a raw, stripped back style and fits perfectly with my love of upcycling! For our first industrial project, we decided to build a shelf in our living room using an old scaffolding board and some offcuts of pipe. 

The scaffolding board was battered, covered in paint splashes and totally worn - just what we wanted. I got the dirt off it with some sugar soap and then coated it in a layer of clear wax. Caps were then welded onto the ends of the pipes and we spray painted them black giving a matt finish. Once they were dry, the pipes were fitted to the wall using wall plugs and screws and the scaffolding board was laid on top. 

Once complete, we decorated the shelf with a New York theme. We went to New York this time last year and it is our favourite place in the world! As such we framed photo's from our trip to display on the shelf. 

Middle picture frame bought at The Range and outer picture frames bought from Not On The High Street. The picture collage in the middle frame was created using our own photo's and bought from Snapfish.

A Bit Of Everything


  1. Im not a huge fan of the industrial look. This is the result of an ex husband who use to recylce/bodge everything, but I really like your shelf. Thank you for linking up with us, and welcome to the gang xxTracey xx #abitofeverything xx

    1. I try to mix up it up in each room with a bit of upcycled furniture and a bit of new furniture - I think having a balance works best :)

      Thank you for the comments Tracey :) xx

  2. I've just had a look around your blog there and it's sooo cool what you do. It's not really my style the old look either but I admire what you have done and the other things you have transformed too, you should get these posts on Pinterest! Welcome to blogging and I look forward to seeing your next project #abitofeverything
    Pauline x

    1. Thanks for the lovely comments Pauline! xo