Thursday, 5 November 2015

Painted Chest of Drawers.

One of my favourite past times is upcycling old furniture. This project was a bit of a cheat though as I couldn't find a decent chest of drawers to upcycle in any of the usual second hand places, so instead I bought a fairly cheap set from The Range and decided to paint them up. 

What I used:
Annie Sloan's Old White Chalk Paint
Annie Sloan's Paris Grey Chalk Paint
Paint Brush

Although chalk paint is more expensive than normal paint, it is brilliant because there is no need for any prep work like sanding or priming as it covers just about everything. It also dries very quickly and quite often you only need one coat! As I was  so keen to dive straight in, I forgot to take a 'before' picture but I did remember to take some 'work in progress' pics along the way! 

I decided I wanted to create a distressed look so opted to paint the drawers in Annie Sloan's Old White chalk paint as a base coat with Annie Sloan's Paris Grey chalk paint on top. Once the white coat was complete, I waxed the chest of drawers using a piece of old material - then onto the grey coat! Unlike the white coat, I decided to paint the grey less 'neatly' to aid the distressed look. I left the parts where the white had shown through the grey paint as they were. Once completed, I waxed the drawers again and then used fine sandpaper to distress the drawers further. Finally, I added some cute drawer knobs that I ordered from eBay for £1.75 each and the drawers were complete!


  1. Looks nice!! I love a bit of Annie Sloane paint. At first I was a bit scared I'd ruined the furniture - it takes a bit of getting used to the rough texture? But, I'm already planning what I can get to work on next! #abitofeverything

  2. Yes agree Annie Sloan paint is very thick!!
    Rust-Oleum paint is better I find as it still has good coverage but it's no where near as thick!

    I used Rust-Oleum paint on my bureau.

    KT xo.

  3. Very nice! I have always wanted to try my hand at up-cycling but I haven't known where to start. Annie Sloan paint looks fab! Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything