Friday, 20 November 2015

Striped Walls.

So when it came to decorating our bedroom, I couldn't just settle for painting the walls in one block colour. I couldn't even settle for choosing some nice wallpaper to put up.. No. I was determined to paint stripes onto the wall! 

When we set about this project, we decided it could have two possible outcomes - both on opposite ends of the scale. It could go extremely well or be a total disaster - thankfully we were very pleased with the end result so I have added a step by step guide for you below! 

Step One: Gather what you need. 
You will need: 
Paint brushes or rollers.
Masking tape or painters tape.
Spirit level. 

Step Two: Measure the wall. 
If you have decided on horizontal stripes, measure the total height of the wall, whereas if you have decided on vertical stripes, measure the total width of the wall. You will need to measure at a number of different points, as the ceiling in some rooms may not be level. 

Step Three: Mark out your stripes.
To mark out the stripes, divide the height or width (dependent upon whether you chose to have horizontal or vertical stripes) by the number of stripes you want. This will give you the width of each stripe. We chose to have seven horizontal stripes which worked out well, giving us thick, chunky stripes. 

If you choose horizontal stripes, measure from the ceiling down over by the measurement you calculated and make a mark on the wall. I would do this at different points along the wall so you can join the markings up. Use masking tape or painters tape to join the markings up, then I would recommend checking they are level using a spirit level. 

Keep doing this until you have all of your stripes marked out. 

Step Four: Paint, paint, paint! 
Paint every other gap between the masking tape to create your stripes - just be careful not to get any paint on the parts you're leaving white.. Or each other's heads as we did!! 

I love the final look - what do you think?

P.s. apologies for the poor quality photo's!


  1. I'm very impressed by this, I love the stripes! Thanks for the guide

    Pauline x

  2. Hi Kirsty, I love the look of your stripes, but would never have the patience to do it myself. I find painting walls to be the most tedious job in the world, but am lucky enough to have a husband who loves it (strange man).

    I am sure there are others who would like to copy your look!


    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Debbie.
      Haha me and my boyfriend are the opposite too - I love painting and he hates it. He gets bored too easily, resulting in green paint on the white walls and also on top of my head!

      KT xo

  3. I like the stripes too and, especially green color that symbolizes harmony, the life force

    1. Thanks Eugenia - didn't know that about the colour green but that's interesting as most of the colour themes in our house are green!!

      KT xo.

    2. wow, that means you’re a well-balanced person #abitofeverything

  4. oh wow, really love them stripes there very unique!

  5. Love your striped walls, Kirsty!! They look great in green too!