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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Five Things You Should Know Before Painting a Chalkboard Wall.

After perusing Pinterest and random blog posts about chalkboard walls, we decided that it was a necessity to have one in our house. It would be a cool place for guests to doodle and for us to leave notes for each other, as well as plan out weekly teas and to do lists. Here are some of my fav's I spotted on Pinterest. 

One. / Two. / Three. / Four.

So now, number 26 is host to two eye catching chalkboard walls - one in the kitchen the full length of the wall and one in the office room, complete with a painted frame. They do look good but I wish I'd done a bit more research beforehand rather than just browsing at all the lovely, chalky designs people had put on them... 

So without further ado, here's five things you should know before painting a chalkboard wall. 

1. You need to 'season' the chalkboard first. 
Before you use it, you need to chalk over every inch of the wall and then wipe it off. This will make it easier to write on and wipe the chalk off going forward. 

2. It makes a mess of your floor. 
Chalk is a messy substance - the dust gets everywhere, mainly in a thick puddle under the chalkboard on your nice new carpet, so be prepared to hoover - a lot!

3. Chalkboard pens don't come off. 
This might seem obvious to most of you but I wish it was as obvious to me before I decided to write all over my brand new chalkboard wall in chalk pen. I can still, even after endless amounts of scrubbing, see the word Pepperoni (my nickname for Pepper, our dog) underneath Wednesday night's tea.

4. In fact, the chalk doesn't come off that well either. 
It takes a lot of effort to scrub even the normal chalk off the wall therefore our weekly tea menu has been the same for the past two months.  

5. Your handwriting will never look as good as the boards on Pinterest. 
..well mine won't anyway! It was the cool, chalky designs I looked at that attracted me to painting a chalkboard wall. I had all sorts of ideas from cool writing, to pictures and quotes on the board, with the aim of mixing it up every week. In reality, it's difficult to write in chalk so once I was pleased with the design I'd done, it stayed there.. for a very long time. 

Appreciate that this is a bit of a negative post. Painting a chalkboard directly onto your wall does look very, very cool. It's just in hindsight, I perhaps wouldn't have done the main one in such a prominent place in the kitchen. My advice would be to buy a chalkboard to display instead. That way at least you will be able to remove it when the fad is over, plus it will be a lot easier to write on and clean. 

What do you think?! 

Has anyone had a go at a chalkboard wall? 

KT xo. 



  1. Haha - 'your handwriting will never look as good as pinterest'. SO true. I thought mine would look fantastic...they just look like a child has been let loose with a chalk!

    Great post.


    1. Haha yes exactly, glad you agree!
      I consider myself to be fairly arty but it's just a no go with chalkboards!

      Thanks for the comment :)

      KT xo.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I am now certain I don't want a chalkboard wall. I currently rent but I've always had in my head I would have one when I have my own place, now I'm sure it's just too much effort! Thanks for the advice :)

    1. They do look really cool, but just a bit of a nightmare to manage!
      Maybe if you put one in not such a prominent place??
      Glad my post helped :)

      KT xo.

  4. Good to read a comprehensive post about the downsides of the chalk board phase. I like the idea of them, but I hate my handwriting and I'm terrible at doodles, so I never seriously entertained the thought of having one :)

    1. Thanks for the comment :)
      Wish I hadn't done one now!

      KT xo.

  5. Oh dear! As you know I recently did a blackboard photoframe and it turned out okay, but yes I was just a frame. A wall is a different matter. I didn't know that about chalk pens, I won't be getting any of them. If I wipe my frame down with damp kitchen roll it cleans up quite nicely, better than a rubber.

    Sally @ Life Loving

    1. Ahh I might try that hen to see if the chalk will come off!
      Pinterest definitely makes them look better than they are!!

      KT xo.


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