Saturday, 5 December 2015

Pallet Wine Rack - So Good We Made Two.

What to do on a baltic, rainy Winters day when you're both full of cold?! How about stand in the garden making a wine rack out of a pallet - of course! To be fair, it was totally worth it seeing the end result. 

To make this, we cut an old pallet into thirds and used the two end sides for the actual wine racks. We then cut the middle section up to make bases for the wine racks - to do this simply cut a piece of the wood to the length of each rack.

If you want to use your wine rack to store your wine glasses as well, like we did with the smaller one, you will need an extra piece of wood, the same size as your base piece. You will also need some smaller pieces of wood to create a gap between the two bases. On the base you are going to hang your wine glasses from, measure the length and divide by the number of wine glasses you want to hang up making marks at each point. Make sure you stand your wine glasses on the piece of wood at each mark to ensure that the width of the glasses fit. Next drill a hole at each point and then cut from one edge of the wood to the hole to create space to slot the stems of your wine glasses in. 

Now that you have all your pieces, sand them down so there are no rough areas and clean them up a bit using sugar soap dependent on how mucky they are. Next, I decided to use Rust-Oleum Furniture Wax to seal them - this is optional but it just made me feel a bit happier about sticking a dirty, old pallet on my kitchen wall! 

Once that's complete, it's time to put them together. Get someone with muscles to screw long screws through the base for the glasses, the smaller pieces of wood and the base for the pallet. Ensure the screws are long enough to cut through all of these layers, plus secure them to the pallet itself. If you don't have screws long enough, you could use smaller ones and screw each section together.

To hang the pallet on the wall, we drilled holes in the wall and placed some wall fixings into them. Next we drilled holes in numerous locations on the pallet which corresponded with the holes in the wall and screwed it in place. 

So pleased with the end result - Toby even wants to go into business selling them!! 

What do you think? 

KT xo. 


  1. These look wonderful. What a really fun and creative display. I'm going to bookmark and pin this as I'd love to create some shelves like this one day.

    Sally @ Life Loving

    1. You should try it, it's too easy to do yourself!!

      KT xo.