Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas Wreath Making.

I love having a mooch out in the car close to Christmas to look at everyone's Christmas decorations. We like to spot the houses that have gone totally OTT with millions of lights and a full on reindeer parade outside their front door! I also love seeing the more traditional Christmas decorations such as a festive wreath hung on the front door. This year we agreed to have a wreath and some lights outside our house and rather than buy a wreath from a shop, of course, I decided I wanted some input into making it!

I couldn't find a foam wreath where you put everything on it from scratch so I bought this plain green wreath from Hobbycraft and some bits and bobs to add onto it! The big ribbon was from Hobbycraft along with the flower arranging wire. I decided to buy some festive potpourri from Next for a fiver as I could add the oranges and acorns to my wreath and use the rest to put out in the living room to create a festive aroma - plus it was cheaper than buying everything seperately. My friend Danni kindly gave me the little robin to add to my wreath which was the perfect finishing touch! 

First of all, I pulled all of the green branches out so the wreath looked less flat. I added the big, red ribbon using the ties which were already attached to it and centred it at the top of the wreath. Next I arranged a few dried, orange slices on the wreath by piercing them with a piece of the wire and tying it around the wreath. I did the same with the acorns and finally positioned the robin, centre stage at the top of the wreath. 

I decided against putting the other ribbon on the wreath as it was a bit too much. Instead, I used the ribbon to tie bows on a plain garland I had bought from Wilkinsons for £3. 

Finally, I attached the wreath to the front door using a hook from B&Q which came with a sticky tab for putting it up. Make sure you clean the door before putting it up and leave the hook for a few hours before putting the wreath up. 

Very pleased with the outcome! Do you have any Christmas decorations outside your house? 

KT xo.

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  1. This looks so cute! You did a great job! :D xo