Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Personalised Mugs

So, during one November evening whilst having pre-Ku Bar drinks with girls, we decided that this year we would make each other homemade Christmas presents!! 

I teamed up with my friend Danni to have a crafty night night where we decided to make personalised mugs as seen above. We also made some chocolates to put inside the mugs for hot chocolate and gave the mugs some festive decoration. Posts on the hot chocolate and decoration will be featured soon!

To personalise the mugs, you will need some oil based pens, some letters to draw around, masking tape and of course some cheap mugs. We bought the mugs from The Range for £1.79 and the oil based sharpies from Amazon which were three for £10. I chose gold, silver and red for a festive feel! Oil based pens mean that the ink, once baked, doesn’t come off even when the mugs are washed over and over. To create the letter templates, we chose to type the letters we needed into a word document, following which we enlarged the text to the correct size for the mug and printed it on card. We then cut the letters out and stuck them to the mugs using masking tape. You could also buy letter stickers to put on the mugs which would work just as well.

Once I was happy with the positioning of the letters on my mugs, I used the pens to create a dotted pattern around the letters. I made sure the dots were close together on the border of the letter so as to create a sharp clean line once the letter was taken off the mug. I spaced the dots out further away from the letter creating a dispersed look.

Once complete, I carefully removed the letter and the masking tape from the mug. Now at this point they were far from perfect – I found that some of the ink had found its way behind the letter creating smudges. To resolve this, I used a damp tissue to carefully remove the excess ink which worked perfectly.

Now to bake the mugs to seal the ink onto them. Place all your mugs into a cold oven, then set the temperature to 220°C. Leave for an hour allowing the mugs to warm up with the oven. Once the hour is up, turn the oven off but leave the mugs in to allow them to cool gradually with the oven. By allowing them to heat up and cool down with the oven, there won’t be a risk of them cracking.

There you have it – simple as that!

What do you think? Have you tried anything like this before?

KT xo. 

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