Thursday, 28 January 2016

One Year of Being a Grown Up.

24.01.2016 - exactly one year since we waited patiently ALL DAY to receive the keys to our first house. In one sense it feels like yesterday we moved in as time has flew by so quickly, however in another way it feels like we've always lived here, especially looking back on all that we've achieved so far. 

So for this post I thought I'd add some photo's of my favourite memories from the first year living here and also my favourite parts of our decor. 

1. Spending the first night with no tv, no internet and no phone signal, sat on the floor in our onesies drinking wine and eating dominoes whilst trying to watch a DVD on a laptop! 

2. Our garden - hosting Toby's second home (the giant shed), some funky coloured fence panels and lots of random plants. 

3. M&S meal deal for our first Valentines Day in the house. 

4. Our pallet wine racks - just fab, see more here.

5. Painting stripes successfully on our bedroom wall. 

6. Painting all the furniture much to Toby's delight. 

7. Bolting two pipes and a scaffolding board onto the wall to get in on the 'industrial decor' trend. 

8. Finishing our little office room off with the perfect accessory - an iMac... still buzzing. 

9. Cooking our first Christmas dinner in our little kitchen. 

Hope you enjoyed a little review of our year! 

KT xo. 
Thursday, 14 January 2016

Upcycled TV Cabinet.

When browsing Pinterest, I fell in love with this side board (below) painted in a mustard yellow colour and decorated with random quirky objects. I decided it would look perfect in our bedroom. Our house is on three floors and the bedroom takes up most of the top floor. It was this room that we fell in love with when we decided to buy the house due to its huge size and it's little nooks and crannies. What we didn't consider was that it would so hard to fill the space! That's why a sideboard such as this would be perfect.

I browsed my go to eBay sellers for second hand furniture to see if I could find something similar and found an old TV cabinet for £20 which was perfect! 

Prior to painting the cabinet, I cleaned it all using sugar soap to get rid of any grease or dirt. I then took the handles off the bottom section so that I could spray paint them black. I couldn't get the handles off the two doors though so I carefully applied masking tape around the shape of them to allow me to spray paint them without getting it on the wood. This was a massive fail though as I ended up getting it everywhere, then having to paint over the black paint arghhh. 

Next it was time to paint. I searched for a colour to match the picture I had seen on Pinterest and found that Annie Sloan's Arles chalk paint was perfect. I painted two coats onto the TV cabinet, following which I sanded it down to make it smooth. It needed quite a lot of sanding as the Annie Sloan paint is quite thick and therefore dried in clumps in places due to the way I'd painted it. Once it was smooth, I coated it with a layer of clear wax and then sanded the edges in places so the dark wood showed through to give it a bit of a rustic look. 

I love it and it fills a space in our room perfectly - just not quite sure what to put in it now... 

Any ideas?! 

KT xo. 

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Salted Caramel Vodka.

We are obsessed with anything salted caramel flavoured in this house. Salted caramel cheesecake, salted caramel liquer, salted caramel viennese whirls - you name it, we've tried it! So when I spotted this recipe for Salted Caramel Vodka here I was keen to try it out! I did however vary this slightly and I must say it turned out pretty well! 

You will need: 
Werthers Originals (137.5g bag) 
Vodka (400 ml)
Pinch of salt
Rolling pin
Food bag

  • Simply, empty the Werthers Originals in the food bag and break them into small pieces with the rolling pin. Careful not to trap any air in the food bag as it may burst when breaking the sweets up.
  • Add them into the jar, along with the vodka and shake. 
  • Place in the fridge for a few days, shaking every now and then to dissolve the sweets. 
  • Once they're all dissolved, the vodka is ready to drink - over ice if you're daring or to add to a mixer.

We had it with lemonade which was lovely. Soda would be good too. 

What do you think? 

KT xo.