Tuesday, 23 February 2016

KAWS and Effect.

Today we took a road trip! 

We decided to visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park which is about an hour and a half away from where we live. The park consists of huge grounds full of beautiful scenery, a lake and many streams with quirky little bridges crossing them. There were also lots of random buildings within the grounds including a grand hall, a downtrodden little boathouse and a chapel. The ground was really boggy when we went so make sure to wear your wellies! 

The Sculpture Park is currently home to an exhibition by KAWS. KAWS is a Brooklyn based artist specialising in pop art through the mediums of sculptures, graphics and paintings to name but a few. He has worked with various brands including Nike, Vans and Kanye West and it is his first UK museum exhibition.  There is an area of open air sculptures and a further exhibition indoors. 

We took Pepper with us so could only look at the part of the exhibition which was outside but that was enough to leave us in awe! It consisted of huge sculptures of cartoon like figures made from various materials. The imposing figures were oddly familiar and reminded me of Mickey Mouse with their dungarees and large heads! Despite this however, in contrast to the comforting familiarity of this Disney character, the figures also had a feeling of darkness to them with their crosses for eyes and odd stances. There wasn't much info provided to explain the concept behind the figures and when I tried to do some research on good old Google, I found that KAWS wasn't very forthcoming with his inspiration, choosing to let people take from the sculptures their own individual interpretations. It was definitely a cool day out and seeing the six figures dominate the beautiful landscape is definitely worth the trip to see! 

What do you think? 

KT xo. 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Giving My Tastebuds a Treat at The Botanist.

I've finally, finally managed to go to The Botanist in Newcastle. I've been wanting to try it out for ages after hearing so many good reviews but whenever I've been in the good old toon it's always been fully booked (I know, I know - serves me right for not booking in advance..). But, finally the day was here. After spending far too much money in the January sales, we managed to book a little lunch time spot at this lovely little place. 

I love quirky places and this definitely did not disappoint. Located opposite Grey's monument, The Botanist restaurant is situated a few levels high giving excellent views (and people watching opportunities) of Grey's Monument and down Grey Street. 

Inside the restaurant you will find a central, square bar with a tree in the centre where the branches spiral all over decorating the quirky little space - yes, my description is rubbish but don't worry, you'll see what I mean on the pic below! The walls were adorned with random pictures and illuminated with industrial lighting - industrial decor is always a winner with me as you will know from my posts here

Now, onto the most important part - the grub! 

We started our Botanist experience with some non-alcohol cocktails, which is most definitely not like us but they tasted amazing all the same. T had a Forest Fruit Fling which consisted of blackberry, blueberry and raspberry fruit puree with some other fruit juices and sugar syrup. I had a Grape, Raspberry and Elderflower Cooler which was amazing too - so good we're going to try and make them at home - watch this space! 

Next was the agonising decision of what to eat. There was sooooo much choice but after lots of menu scouring and snooping on what everyone else was eating, T decided on a beef hanging kebab and I chose a deli board. I'm hungry just thinking about it... The hanging kebab was very impressive. As it states on the tin, the kebab came hanging on a metal contraption with a bowl of chips underneath. The waitress then poured garlic butter onto a tiny plate at the top which melted all the way down the kebab and onto the chips. I was jealous at this point until I tasted my deli board which was amazing. You could choose four things to add to the board which came with a turkish flatbread. I chose olives, a mixed bean salad, camembert and chorizo. It tasted amazing and although I was initially disappointed at the size of the camembert, I was nicely full once I'd finished. Overall, it was perfect for a lunchtime meal. 

Had we wanted to be proper fatties, we would have got a dessert too and opted for the marshmallow hanging kebab. Lots of marshmallows are skewered onto the same contraption as the savoury kebabs except melted chocolate is poured from the top instead of garlic mmmmm. 

Overall I would definitely recommend The Botanist. I will leave you with some lovely photo's to get your taste buds going! 

Have you tried The Botanist before?

KT xo.