Monday, 21 March 2016

Vintage Love.

For my birthday Toby's family bought me a 'Vintage Home' book by Sarah Moore which is such a perfect present for me. I love old fashioned floral designs, antiques and quirky furniture to upcycle. Looking at all the beautiful projects I could make in this book has inspired me to write this post about the vintage finds I have collected recently. 

Letter Rack. 
We found this letter rack at Crimple Hall in Harrogate. Crimple Hall is home to a garden centre, a furniture shop and most importantly to me - an antiques dealership. I love the place. The antiques centre is filled with random vintage artifacts and collectibles to browse, ranging from everything from war memorabilia to vintage tea cups to huge pieces of quirky furniture. Every corner is packed with something interesting to look at and there are lots of dealers there to haggle a bargain from - if you dare! This little number was sat propped up in the corner against a shelf full of crockery and jewellery. It fits perfectly with our industrial decor theme!

Fancy taking a look at this upcycled project?

We also purchased an old frame from the antiques centre. I wanted a frame for a project I'm going to complete (watch this space!) and as soon as I walked into the antiques centre I was presented with a huge selection, all random shapes and sizes. I picked a medium sized one with a detailed, decorative border. It's a bit shabby at the moment, so is in need of some TLC - nothing a bit of up cycling won't sort out though!

Tea Cups.
Another find at Crimple Hall was this tea cup. The first time we visited, there were lots of lovely, floral teacups which I loved but didn't buy at the time as I couldn't think of what I would do with them (obviously except drink from them but that's too normal for my liking!). The second time I took a trip there, I'd had a tea cup project idea and I was all set to buy a load of them. I want to make them into candles and so in preparation bought the wax, scents and wicks ready to get home from Crimple Hall and make candles galore.. Except, there were hardly any there apart from this little one. I'm now on the search for more vintage tea cups and will be perusing my local charity shops to see what I can find! Fingers crossed...

Glass Jars.
My next finds were given to me courtesy of Toby's Grandma. She is currently getting some work done on her house and as such needs to clear out some of the random things she's hoarded over the years! This is where I came in - she thankfully thought of me when she wanted to give away some of the quirkier things she had. She gave me two lovely, elegant glass jars which I plan on putting on my dressing table (when I get round to up cycling it). I plan on keeping cotton buds and the like in them.

Jam Jars. 
These amazing jam jars were also courtesy of Toby's Grandma. I love the two with the old marmalade logos and have used one as a pen pot and one just for decoration. The rest are all plain white - ready for me to work my crafty magic with! 

Lemonade Crate. 
Last but not least is this lemonade crate, again courtesy of Toby's Grandma. It was a bit dusty and full of cobwebs when we first inherited it but that's nothing a wash down with sugar soap wouldn't fix. When we washed it down, the bright orange colour on one side of the box came up so well! The crate currently lives in a little alcove we have where our kitchen window is but I've yet to decide or think of anything I can put in it! Maybe my cookbooks... 

Oh, and here's an obligatory Schnauzer photo - n'awwwwwww P-Dawggg <333

What do you think of my finds?! 

KT xo. 


  1. I love your finds. I really want to create a dinner set and tea set with all mismatched pieces. i think it would look so colourful and definitely something different to being all the same as everything else.

    Nazira | Love Hijab Girl | Bloglovin

    1. That's such a good idea! I might do that and use all the mismatched pieces to serve up some tapas!

      Thanks for the comment :)

      KT xo.

  2. What lovely finds. Those jam jars are amazing. There's a second hand shop near me which has lots of lovely cups and saucers, I'd never thought to turn them into candles, but that's such a good idea!

    Sally @ Life Loving