Saturday, 9 April 2016

My Day Trip To London & The Ideal Home Show.

First of all I failed. I did not get a photo with Wilbur at the British Gas stand. Bad. Times.
My excuse is that I got so distracted by all of the homely goodness presented to me as soon as I walked into the Ideal Home Show, that I, urm, well - forgot.

A few weeks ago I entered a competition to win some tickets to the Ideal Home Show courtesy of British Gas and Talented Talkers, because I'm a big home decor geek and this would be right up my street! I didn't think anything more of it as I never have any luck with competitions so when an email from Shaun from Talented Talkers popped up in my inbox to tell me I'd won some tickets I was over the moon! 

I invited my lovely Mam on the trip to London for the day to go and see the show. We got up extra early, caught the 6:30 am train from Darlington and had bacon sarnies and cups of tea as the train whizzed us down to King's Cross station. We then had to navigate our way on the tube to Kensington Olympia. We ended up getting off at Kensington High Street which left a 15 minute walk to the venue. It was a beautiful day so it was quite nice to soak up the rays whilst admiring how the other half live in the stunning houses in Kensington. 

When we arrived at the venue, the size of the place was overwhelming. In the main section, there were lots of companies selling large pieces for your home, such as aga's, furniture, massaging arm chairs and so on and so forth. As we explored this area, we came across Ayres and Graces which was a seller hosting an array of ornate frames and mirrors. I was in love. I was also in great danger of spending a lot of money. A 5ft x 4ft mirror held in an off-white, beautiful, ornate frame was calling my name. I have no where to put it though so decided against buying it at the time, but since I've been home, I've been sizing up each of our rooms in the hunt for a space for it... Watch this space! Once I'd peeled myself away from this stand, we decided to have a look around the beauty area - this area was probably the only downside to the show but in reality it was a home show so our expectations of the beauty area shouldn't have been that high anyway. The London School of Beauty were there painting nails and what not which looked really good but other than that, the beauty area comprised of lots of brands we hadn't heard of with reps harassing my Mam to try and get rid of her 'wrinkles and puffy eyes'. Yep, great selling technique mate.


We swiftly moved on to the best area in my opinion - the shopping area. Purses at the ready. There were all sorts of little household nic nacs available, ranging  from kitchen utensils, wall art and candles. Our favourite stands were by Sass and Belle. Oh my days, I was in heaven. Lots and lots of shabby chic style bits and bobs to accessorise your home - and all complete bargains! I bought 3 bags full of things from here in total, spending only about 25 poundish - say what?! Still can't believe it. I'm sure there will be a haul post coming up where I will share them with you.

After here we mosied on down to the garden section where we passed a stage where Old Men Grooving were performing! Just. Hilarious. The garden section was also home to the main stage where we caught the latter end of George Clarkes talk! Afterwards he stayed to sign books but we had more shopping to get too, obviously! The rest of the garden section was a host of stands selling pots, plants and garden attire. There were hot tubs, cool, unnaffordable garden furniture and the craziest bbqs I'd ever seen - Toby would have been in his element! 

Once we were laden with bags, feet hurting from walking all day and in desperate need of some alcoholic beverages, we dropped into Pizza Express where we ordered a 500 calorie pizza each and supped on some white wine whilst admiring each other's purchases. Bliss. 

We ended our day with a stroll back along sunny Kensington High Street, followed by more wine and a picnic courtesy of Waitrose on the train back home. 

Overall, a fab day out. I would definitely recommend the Ideal Home Show for anyone with home decor interests like me! 

Have you ever been before?

*I received complimentary tickets to the Ideal Home Show in return for a review.


  1. Oh my gosh, everything looks so beautiful!!!

    Sophie -

    1. It really was, I was in my element I've got to say!!

      Thanks for the comment lovely :)

      KT xo.

  2. This looks so incredible! I am big into home decor but have to be restrained as I am still living at home with my family so don't have the space for all of the furniture I fall for! x

    1. That was me just over a year ago, trying to cram everything I liked into my tiny bedroom - now I can just go wild!

      Thanks for the comment!

      KT xo.

  3. The venue looks amazing! I really fancied going here this year but I had far too much already going on :( Me and my mam love a good day trip to London on the train, I'm glad the weather was nice for you both too! I would be in my element with all the little shopping stalls haha

    Sami x | Daisy Daydreams

    1. I totally didn't know what to expect when I got the tickets but it was such a good day out. Mi would definitely go again :)

      Thanks for the comment lovely!

      Kirsty xo.