Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Master Tea Cup Candle Making in Four Simple Steps.

Number One.
First things first. You will need to acquire the items that you will need to make the teacup candles. I bought 700g of soy wax flakes, glue dots, pre-waxed wicks and some dye flakes from Amazon and bought a cheap milk pan from Tesco to melt the wax. You will also need something to hold the candle wicks upright whilst the wax is setting - I just used some of our clothes pegs for this.
Finally, you will need some pretty tea cups to put your candles in. I struggled to find any pretty, cheap ones as you will know from my Vintage Love post, finding only a couple in charity shops myself and moaning to anyone who would listen that I couldn't find any more when I wanted to make my candles!! Cue (think that's the right spelling...) my gorgeous family and friends, who bombarded me with teacup and candle holder offerings. 

..and that isn't even them all.   

Number Two.
Before melting your wax, you will need to get your tea cups ready to go. I added a glue dot to the base of each of the cups and stuck a pre-waxed wick on top of this making sure it was central. Once in place, I guided the wick through the centre of a peg and then balanced the ends of the peg on each side of the cup. This will keep the wick in position when you pour the wax in - just try not to get the wax all over the pegs like I did.. 

Number Three.
Now to melt the wax. Place the milk pan on the hob on a gentle heat, adding the wax flakes and the dye. You will need approximately 100g of wax flakes and 1g of dye per tea cup. I stirred the wax as it melted with an old spoon to help distribute the colouring but I don't think you necessarily need to.  

Number Four.
Now for the bit that Toby didn't trust me to do on my own.. Once the wax is completely melted, carefully pour it into the tea cups, avoiding spilling on your worktops (oops!) and avoiding spilling on the pegs holding the wicks in place - practice makes perfect! Now just leave them be until the wax has fully set, then cut the wick to size and you have the cutest, little tea cup candles! 

This is so easy to do and will make excellent gifts or a quirky little decoration for your dressing table. 

What do you think? 

P.s. I now have seven candles that I need to find homes for..  


  1. These are adorable Kirst! In fact, I have an old teacup gifted to me by Al's mum- I may have to steal your idea!
    Harri. XO

    1. Go for it! It's so easy to do. I have plenty of these now if you want a pre-made one too haha xo.

  2. Um I'll have one! I didn't know you'd already made these! :) You did well! I'm sure Toby was proud. Did you add a scent? :)


    1. Yeah I finally got round to making them the other week!
      Of course, will bring you one in on Tuesday :) got too much High Tide stuff to carry tomorrow hehe xo.