Sunday, 15 May 2016

Jewellery Box With a Twist.

If you caught my Vintage Love post, you will have read that I bought an old, ornate frame from one of my favourite antiques emporium's Crimple Hall in Harrogate. I wanted the frame to hang my jewellery from as I have so many necklaces that I just shove in a jewellery box after a night out, then spend ridiculous amounts of time and energy untangling them the next time I want to wear one!
By creating a frame to hang them from, I am hoping that I won't have this problem anymore. Plus the final product looks kinda cool. 

So, on with how I did it. Firstly, I washed the frame with sugar soap to get any dirt or grime and general second-handness off it. Once I'd done this, I sprayed the frame with a copper spray paint from The Range. This took a few coats to cover the frame well and took a few hours to dry. Luckily the rain kept off whilst I left it outside! 

While the frame was drying, I set about making the backdrop for the frame, where I would hang my jewellery from. I used the back of another old picture frame which luckily fit perfectly well. I covered this in some floral wrapping paper I had and stuck it down using double sided tape. 

Once the frame was dry, I was able to fit the back into the frame and then using a glue gun, I glued around the edge of the frame and the board to hold the two together. I was then able to arrange my jewellery on the frame. I used clear Command Hooks for this which come with double sided sticky tabs for easy application. I arranged the hooks based on how I wanted my jewellery to hang, sticking them at different levels across the board. Once done, I was able to decorate the board with my jewellery and hang next to my dressing table - job done! 

What do you think?! 


  1. That's such an AWESOME way to hold your jewellery! Love it! So delicate but unique <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. Hey, thank you so much for your comment!
      It was so easy to make and looks so cool on the wall :) xo.