Sunday, 26 June 2016

Lake Garda Diaries | Part Two.

Welcome to Lake Garda Diaries - part two! As I mentioned in part one (you can catch up here if you missed it), this one is a little bit special.. 

Prior to our holiday, I was browsing Trip Advisor, as you do, to find some fun things to do while we were there. One thing which caught my eye was a walk (maybe more of a hike) up to a small church on the Rochetta mountain which overlooks Riva and the lake. The views looked amazing from the photo's so this was top of my list to do - until we got there! 

On arrival, we looked up at the mountain to barely see a tiny white dot near the top which we assumed was the church - could we really get there in the heat, lugging a big dslr camera up there for some pics? We decided to ask about it during our 'Welcome Walkabout' with the holiday reps only to be told if we could get up there, it was amazing but it would take an hour to get to the Bastione which is about a third of the way up, followed by a further THREE HOURS to get to the church. A total of eight hours walking and climbing in the heat didn't sound as good as relaxing, eating all the pasta and supping on prosecco all day, so we altered our plan a little bit. 

We decided to embark upon the hour long walk to the Bastione, have a pint in the bar they have built there, take some pics of the views and head back down. So we did just that however it only took us 20 minutes. From this, we decided that we definitely must be pro walkers and after fuelling up with a pint of peroni and some nibbles, we embarked upon the next leg of the journey up to the church. 

Now this part wasn't easy. I was sweating. I drank copious amounts of water. I had to stop to take lots of photo's of the view aka have a rest for the 400th time without letting on to T that I am so bloody unfit! I saw a snake. I nearly gave up three times. The problem was you couldn't see how far you were from the church due to all the trees so you were just walking and climbing without any idea of how long was left until your destination. I asked a German man how far we had to go who didn't answer my question but instead proceeded to tell me in broken English that we would never get up there in our trainers - apparently we needed hiking boots as the path was too rocky.  We decided to ignore his advice - we'd come this far, we weren't giving up now!

After about an hour of scrambling up the mountain, there it was up ahead. Praise the Lord - quite literally. The Church itself was tiny but beautiful with a place where people had left photo's of loved ones, along with candles and religious statues. There was also a book you could write in and leave a message to prove you'd made it. 

Then there were the views, which were just something else. In my last post, I let the pictures of this do the talking. I will do the same here. 

So, you're probably wondering what is so special about this post as I've rambled on for ages about hiking and churches. Maybe you haven't even read this far down and have just skipped through to the pictures. Well, later on that night we had an amazing picnic where we bought olives and meats and cheese and bread and wine from a local Italian deli and ate it all by the lake. Following this, we sat on the rocks feeling quite tipsy taking silly selfies and oh, wait, Toby is down on one knee asking me to marry him! Yup, I still can't quite believe it myself - we're engaged and I couldn't be happier. I won't make this post too soppy but just to say that Lake Garda is one holiday we will never, ever forget. 

Soooooo, now to watch out for wedding planning, hen night planning, DIY favours and wedding decor posts - Bridezilla, HERE I COME! Wooo. 

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments - let's chat :) 


  1. This view is absolutely breath taking and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and looking at all your beautiful pictures. It looked so wonderful :)

    1. Thank you so much! It was definitely a holiday to remember - couldn't recommend Lake Garda enough!

      KT xo.