Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Bedside Tables Upcycling.

Out of all the rooms in our house, the bedroom is one of the only finished ones! We have stripey walls (obligatory how to paint stripey walls post here) and we have all the furniture we need including one of my favourite upcycled pieces - this old tv cabinet

However, when I suddenly had the urge to paint some more furniture, it was our bedroom I targeted. We have some amazing wooden bedside tables which were bought for £15 for the pair from Alchemy Barn in Northallerton - a farm with a barn full of second hand furniture, aka the place of my dreams. I had originally planned to paint them up but when I set about cleaning them, the wood lifted so much they looked amazing how they were. In hindsight, I should have maybe waxed them or something to keep them nice as they have gotten a bit grubby and worn looking as time has gone on. 

This gave me the perfect excuse to feed my painting addiction and wack out my pot of Annie Sloan's Arles chalk paint to give them a new lease of life! I used this mustardy yellow colour on the TV cabinet I mentioned earlier. We now use this as a side board in our room to pop the laptop on when it's connected to the TV for a good old Netflix session. I wanted the tables to match in with this. 

After cleaning them up again, I set about painting them in the Arles paint. It still amazes me how quickly a project like this can be completed. Within 20 minutes I had completed my first coat of paint on one of the tables. I was then able to paint a second coat after about an hour once the first coat had dried. Finally I added a layer of RustoLeum wax to complete the project, then sanded down the edges for a rustic look. 

I'm often told not to mix different suppliers of paint and wax together, being advised that Annie Sloan wax should go with Annie Sloan paint and Rustoleum wax should go with RustoLeum paint. I always thought this was a marketing ploy so for my bedside tables I persevered with using RustoLeum wax on top of my Annie Sloan paint as I had a full tub ready to go. Now I have to admit I was wrong. The wax didn't dry as nicely this time with lots of it crumbling off. Although not detrimental to the project, it was a pain sanding off bits of wax so I think I will stick to the experts advice next time!

When the tables were waxed and the wax had dried, my final steps were to sand the edges down so the wood showed through to give the project a bit more of a shabby chic look. 

What do you think of our spruced up bedside tables? Have you upcycled anything before? 

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