Saturday, 30 July 2016

Three Gallery Wall Ideas

We moved into our house about 18 months ago and in the lead up to our moving date, my Pinterest boards were jam packed with ideas for each room of the house! One idea that I absolutely knew I wanted to achieve was a gallery wall. 18 months later and we have three gallery walls in our house, all quite different. 

1. Posters and Plaques. 
In our kitchen we have lots of random metal signs and posters. We have a good mixture of things I love with things Toby loves here. There's the more feminine plaques that I bought from a market in Paris, next to some plaques of old cars from Toby's obsession with cars. I like that the wall is so random and it grows all the time. Within it we also have our pallet wine racks which Toby made - read about them here

2. Simple with Memorabilia. 
In the living room on one wall we have two clear frames, with metal around the edges. I love how rustic these look although made a measurement error when I bought them online - I had in my head they were going to be really big when in reality they are tiny! 

Within them we have put photos from one of our favourite holidays to New York. I plan on also adding some of the tickets and memorabilia we picked up during that holiday! If you're anything like me I keep all keepsakes from holidays such as tickets, leaflets, boarding passes, then get them home and have ball all to do with them! Well here's a solution! 

3. Polaroid Vintage. 
This is my favourite gallery wall we have created. It's full of vintage inspired mismatched frames from The Range and Sass and Belle - both really good value. I think it cost us about £40 in total to buy all the frames! 

I lined each frame with some patterned backing paper I had lying around from when I used to scrapbook and added in some of the instax pics we took in Italy. I absolutely love my instax camera and this is a good way of showing off the photos it takes! I've left some of the frames blank too so that we have room to put photos from future events in here. 

What do you think? 
Do you have gallery walls in your house? 


  1. Aw these are lovely ideas! I'm sorting my livingroom, again haha! I need some wedding photos up and I'm thinking poster size!
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    1. Aw great idea, you could make a collage with a few of them!!

      Thanks for the lovely comment.

      Kirsty xo.

  2. Very cute! Brilliant post filled with cool ideas :) xo