Sunday, 10 July 2016

Lake Garda Diaries | Part Three.

I have a love / hate relationship with writing these Lake Garda posts. On one hand, I love the little reminders in the form of memories and pictures of what was a truly amazing holiday, but on the other hand it reminds me my Summer holiday is long gone and all I've got to look forward to is getting up at 6.30am everyday for work. Oh, and the Lakes next week. Oh, and a wedding in 2018. Ok, so it's not all bad.. 

Today's post is about the little day trip we took to Venice whilst staying at Lake Garda. When we were choosing which area of Italy to holiday at, we were stuck between Sorrento in the South and Lake Garda further North. The fact that you could go to Venice for a day trip when you went to Lake Garda swayed our decision to choose this resort, so when we arrived at our 'Welcome Walkabout' with the holiday reps, we were keen to get the Venice trip booked up. We opted the 'Venice By Day and Night' trip but whilst Venice was amazing, the trip was a bit of a nightmare... 

We were picked up at 8.45am and taken on a 3.5 hour bus journey to as close as we could get to Venice without driving into the water! From here we took a boat into Venice itself. All in all, this was a long, long journey, made even longer by the hungover family sat next to us who, if they weren't trying to amuse a noisy baby, were vomiting last nights drinks up. Nice. To make the journey seem even longer, the tour guide would speak to us all in broken English over the coach tanoy system, following which she would repeat everything she had just said in German. This ongoing commentary lasted the full journey which meant having a conversation with Toby was difficult, and having a well needed nap was even harder!

Now onto a more positive note - when we finally arrived in Venice it felt a bit surreal. The Grand Canal was amazing - it was full of gondola's and boats, with bright blue skies and blazing sun. We started off with a walking tour, which was really interesting and took us along the Grand Canal, into Saint Mark's Square and onto a gondola trip. The gondola trip was fab. We shared it with two other couples who were on the trip which made it a lot cheaper but having experienced this once, I would definitely recommend paying the 100 Euro's to take the trip by yourselves - it's definitely worth it. The gondolier was so skilled. Whilst at first, I felt like either myself or Toby were going to fall into the canal, I soon realised the gondolier was an expert in his craft. We had been seated in the middle of the gondola facing each other with our backs to the edge which was a bit unnerving.  The guy was amazing though. He guided us through the intricate, canal system with only milimetres to spare for the vast gondola to turn the corners of these narrow streets. About 15 minutes into the journey, we suddenly found ourselves leaving the narrow side streets and joining the huge boats in the Grand Canal which was pretty amazing. En route back to the base where we were picked up from, we found ourselves to be in a bit of a gondola filled traffic jam. Rather than let us sit bored, the gondoliers all decided to serenade us with crazy Italian songs. Hilarious. 

After our trip we spent the day wandering about and taking periodic shelter from the blazing sun by either having a bellini in a bar or just by sitting at the edge of a canal in the shade watching the world go by. It was bliss. 

Venice was the last day of our trip so later on the night, we treat ourselves to a three course meal with a lovely bottle of expensive wine in a posh restaurant. Definitely a trip not to forget although the impending journey home to Lake Garda was a bit of a downer. Luckily I slept the whole way home until we finally arrived at our hotel at 1.30 a.m. 

Here's some photo's of this beautiful, busy city! 

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