Sunday, 28 August 2016

How I Got My Face On a Cupcake.

This month me and T have made a pact not to buy any cakes in our weekly shop as we're trying to eat healthily. For a cake lover like me, this is difficult so when Sam from Cake Toppers got in touch to ask if I'd like to be sent some cakes to review, I didn't think twice in replying with a big, fat yes! I wouldn't be breaking the pact either as I wasn't actually buying these cakes... and you can't say no to free cakes right?! 

Cake Toppers specialise in cakes, cupcakes and printed, edible icing toppers for delivery across the UK. These cakes come with a photo, logo or message of your choice which really gives a personal touch. They would be great for corporate events with the company's logo on each cupcake or as a special gift for your friends or family with a personal photo and message on. 

I opted to put two different photo's on top of my cakes - a photo of me and Toby in Lake Garda which we both love and brings back lots of amazing memories and of course a photo of P-Dawg, just, because, why not?! 

I sent my pictures to Sam on a Sunday and the cakes arrived the following Tuesday - excellent, speedy delivery.  I got them delivered to my workplace and then spent the whole day trying not to eat them as I knew I had to take them home and take photo's. There was one chocolate sponge cupcake with chocolate icing and one vanilla sponge with a plain icing on top. I opted for the chocolate one which tasted amazing and Toby opted (had no chance but to have) the vanilla sponge. He said his was amazing as well.

The photo toppers were brilliant - the photo's were in such good quality on the icing and they were placed on the cakes well to ensure that the main part of the photo was the centre of the cake. 

I was so impressed, Cake Toppers are going to send me some other cakes for a special little project of mine - watch this space! 

I would 100% recommend treating yourself to some cakes from Cake Toppers. Just visit their website and for a cheeky bit of discount enter the code N2610. 

What do you think? Would love to see your pics if you buy some cakes yourself!

*These cakes were sent as gifts in exchange for a review, however all opinions are my own. 


  1. What a lovely idea! These would be great like you say for events but even birthdays are nice. The icing is really good quality actually, will bear these in mind for a birthday coming up :) xx

    1. Gorgeous aren't they! I'm so pleased with them and they were delicious! Xx

  2. They are really good quality! Were the cakes delicious? X

    1. Amazing! I would definitely recommend Courteney xx