Sunday, 30 October 2016

Review | Hotel Le Clarisse Al Pantheon, Rome

I'm not really one for writing posts about hotels I've stayed at because when I go away anywhere my main focus is to spend as little time in the hotel as possible so that I can make use of every moment exploring the place I'm visiting. Except now. Now I'm writing a post about our hotel we stayed in at Rome because it was amazing and I really cannot recommend it enough. 

Earlier this year, me and my friends Em and Ash booked a trip to Rome in the October half term to celebrate Ash getting her dream teaching job and finally having some money to spend on girly trips away. We booked a three star hotel through Expedia in the centre of Rome, close to the Pantheon. We weren't expecting top luxury with the hotel only being three stars but what we got was amazing to say the least. Definitely worth chucking a few more stars at it in my opinion.. 

Hotel Le Clarisse is located in a quiet street close to the famous Pantheon which stands grandly within the Piazza della Rotonda. The boutique hotel, offers charming, spacious rooms with an authentic Italian feel to them. The marble floors are so fresh and clean and the huge windows and tall ceilings give the rooms a classy, sophisticated feel. 

Breakfast is included which offers a variety of pastries, juices and oddly enough cakes.  This is served in the hotel's restaurant located next door and there is also a complimentary glass of wine waiting for you in the restaurant on your first night - very good first impression right there! 

There's free wi-fi in the rooms which I would recommend using to plan your routes to the different attractions and to choose the best restaurants to eat at. Also, the beds are just the comfiest. If it wasn't for all of the things we wanted to cram into our Rome trip, I don't think I would have peeled myself off that mattress before dinnertime! 

But onto the best thing about the hotel. The staff. Each and every one of them was so kind and helpful. On our second day, Ash had her bag stolen whilst we were in a restaurant with her passport, phone and some of her money in - before you judge, we needed the passports for ID to get into the Vatican, or at least our tickets said we did - when we got there, no ID was checked!! Anyway, back to the theft. This obviously unnerved us for the rest of the holiday as well as sent us into panic mode until we sorted how she was going to get home without a passport! Basically we needed to report the incident to the local police, collect a police report and take it to an appointment at the British Embassy to buy an emergency passport where they completed checks on Ash to make sure she was legit. That sounds so simple typed out like that. Believe me, it wasn't. Not when you don't know how to say 'Where is the police station?' in Italian and when you find it, you accidentally leave the police report on the comfy bed in the hotel room whilst you rush to take a taxi ride to the Embassy. This is where the staff from the hotel step in. Booking taxis, reassuring you and even collecting the police report from our room (after asking and double checking our permission) to scan to us to show at the Embassy. 

I appreciate that this has gone from a hotel review to a crazy tale about our escapades but the point is the staff were so, so helpful at a time when we almost felt helpless. They are reassuring and went out of their way to help us with no benefit gained for themselves. Other than this little review. 

So, it's not often I say I would go back to the same hotel, but in this case I definitely would and I would definitely recommend it if you're looking to stay somewhere beautiful and central in Rome. 

Here's some rubbish photo's taken with my iPhone because my camera wouldn't fit in my case... 

Have you stayed in Rome before? What did you think?


  1. Aw it looks like a lovely place to stay! What a shame that your friend got her bag stolen, it completely spoils your trip doesn't it?! My friend got her phone stolen within 30 minutes of being in London when we went a few years ago, which meant we lost a lot of time trying to sort things! Hope it didn't spoil your trip - your Instagram photos are so pretty!

    Sami | Daisy Daydreams

    1. It was beautiful!
      Having her bag stolen was a bit of a nightmare but we tried our hardest not to let it spoil our trip!
      Thanks for the comment xo.