Sunday, 23 October 2016

Finding a Home for the Record Player.

It was Toby's birthday in August and I've got to say, I outdid myself with my present idea - a Crosley record player and Foo Fighters Greatest Hits record. Top GF I know. 

The record player sounds great and Toby loves it! Plus the added bonus is that it makes our living room look just that little bit cooler. Despite this, the record player spent the first couple weeks of it's life sat on the floor looking a bit out of place, so that's where a new upcycling project came about. Any excuse eh?? 

With that in mind, me and my work friends drove down to the Daisy Chain Charity Superstore one lunch time on a mission to find something to compliment our new record player. 30 minutes later, with four of us, a dressing table mirror and my new project stuffed into a Mini Cooper, we headed back to the office. Mission complete. 

Here's a before picture of what I bought (one). Only £8.50 and the proceeds all go to a deserving charity. 

I fancied doing something a little bit different for this project, so armed with tins of Rust-Oleum's gold Metallic Finish Furniture Paint, Rust-Oleum's Graphite Chalky Finish Furniture Paint and Rust-Oleum's clear wax I was good to go. P.s. this isn't a Rust-Oleum sponsored post, I just really, really like the paint..

I started by cleaning the table with sugar soap to get any grease or muck off, then I painted the gold paint on the legs and edges of each shelf (two). I didn't paint the whole thing with the gold paint as my next step was to paint over it all with the graphite chalk paint (three). Once two coats of the graphite chalk paint were applied, I used a damp rag to rub the graphite paint from the edges of the table to expose the gold underneath. Once happy I used the clear wax to finish the project, applying it with my Annie Sloan wax brush. You don't need to use one of these brushes though, I was just feeling flash last month and thought I'd treat myself! An old rag will do just as good a job. 

I love these two colours together! It's something very different to what I would normally do but fits in with our living room well. Plus the record player looks just that little bit cooler sat on top of the table! We've decided to leave the drawer out of the table and place our records in the gap which looks a bit different. 

Now I'm looking for more things to paint gold and graphite..

What do you think of my new upcycled project??


  1. I love this! You did a cracking job, it looks amazing! I really want to give upcycling a whirl - it's all good - bargain buys, charities benefit, fun to do and great sense of achievement - and result is something totally unique. What's not to love?! I also really want one of those Crosley record players, they're gorgeous and there's something so charming about having vinyl records.

    Sarah x
    She Was a Day Tripper

    1. Hey lovely, thanks for the comment!
      You totally should give upcying a whirl - it's so so easy and you always end up with something that looks amazing!
      As for the record player, it's ace - the vinyls are expensive but worth it as the sound quality is so much better!

      Kirsty xo.