Thursday, 29 December 2016

Review | Creating My Signature Scent With The Perfume Studio.

It's that odd period of time between Christmas and New Year when you're off work and all your days are merging into one. You've ate too much food and drank too much alcohol and the thought of going to the pub again is surprisingly unappealing. 

With that in mind, me and my Mam decided to open the Christmas present I bought her to do something other than eat and drink! She works on a Beauty Department in our local Debenhams and loves fragrances so I thought it would be nice to treat her to a 'Design Your Own Fragrance' kit from The Perfume Studio.  

Within the kit you get 18 different bottles of 'blends' or scents, consisting of top notes, middle notes and bottom notes, an atomiser, a 30ml bottle, a number of pipettes and lots of scent strips. 

First we set about smelling all of the different scents using the scent strips. We then tried different combinations of top notes, middle notes and base notes to create a fragrance by holding the different scent strips together and wafting them under our noses! There were so many combinations we loved but we finally settled on one combination each. I chose fruity as my top note, aldehydic as my middle note and musky as my base note. My perfumes 'emotion evocations' according to the perfume studio are young, bubbly and fun loving, classic, sophisticated and glamorous and outgoing and individual - I'll take that. My Mam chose citrus as her top note, ozonic as her middle note and balsamic (not the vinegar kind!) as her base note. They both smell amazing. 

To add them to our perfume bottles we used the pipettes to add even amounts of each blend and we were done! We both now have a signature scent which you can even register at the perfume studio and order more bottles of your own perfumes! 

This was a fab gift for someone who loves fragrances and I would definitely recommend, although my kitchen now smells kinda intense.. 

What do you think?? 

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