Monday, 25 September 2017

Six Ways My Bullet Journal Keeps Me Sane.

I discovered the art of bullet journalling earlier in the year after reading a few blog posts on it and seeing a couple of friends start their own. Being the massive stationary geek that I am, I felt this new craze was the one for me. Fast forward eight months and I genuinely don't know how I survived without my little bible! 

Here's how it helps keep me right. 

Blog Post Scheduling. 

I've just got back into blogging after spending months revising for exams and trying to write assignments around working full time. Blogging is a fun hobby with me, therefore I'm not very organised with it. I tend to get loads of ideas for posts, get excited and publish them all at once.. then have a mind blank for months and not publish anything. Consistency is not my forte. With my bullet journal, I've decided to keep track of my posts and have created a schedule to only post once a week. I keep a track of what post is going live when and try to vary the themes. 

Monthly Overviews.

I love it when a new month rolls around as I get to create a new monthly spread (here's that inner geek again). I'm really forgetful of dates and future plans so I put everything in here to keep track of what I'm doing! 

Daily To Do Lists.

These keep me right at work and also when I'm working to deadlines for my degree. When I get too stressed, I always feel better taking a step back and writing a list of everything that needs doing. The great thing about this is when you have done a task you can tick it off but if you don't manage to do it, you can just put an arrow next to it and move it to the next day. This keeps my beloved journal neat and tidy!

Assignment Tracker.

From the end of May to the beginning of July, I found myself in a situation where I had one exam to revise for, three assignments to write, a group presentation to deliver, two portfolios to hand in and was considering running far, far away. Life was stressful and I went from enjoying my course to feeling completely overwhelmed. By putting this assignment tracker in my journal it allowed me to tick things off as I had done them and prioritise them which helped relieve the stress slightly.

Revision Log.

The exams on my course are hard. With a national pass rate of only 50%, I was determined to pass them first go so I didn't have to revise twice. Getting my act together with my revision was therefore majorly important. This log allowed me to keep track of what I'd done and ensure I learned a bit of everything on the subjects and didn't just focus on one area. 

Wedding Planner.

A fun one now. Planning a wedding is a lot more complicated than I originally thought. There's soooo much to think about, therefore my wedding planning page keeps me on track by having everything to hand in one place. It also allows me to track what we've paid and what's outstanding, as well as how much we still need to save up!

Overall, I appreciate that a lot of these things could be done online or in your phone, but personally I love having handwritten notes an it's nice to step away from technology for a bit. 

What do you think? Would you enjoy using a bullet journal? If you're interested in starting one, I would definitely recommend investing in a Leuchtturm notebook. 

  Kirsty xo. 

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