Monday, 4 September 2017

Review | Man vs Food Grill House, Middlesbrough.

Man vs Food beat me..
I went along to the new Man vs Food Grill House in Middlesbrough with my friend Danni as she had been invited to try it out the day before it's official opening. Firstly, the cool decor struck me. There were lots of cool neon signs like the one above and the whole place had an industrial feel with corrugated metal covering the walls and mesh dividers between American diner style booths. So the decor was a big tick for me.

Onto the food. There was so much choice on the menu it took us ages to decide what we wanted. In the end, we both decided to go for something we wouldn't normally have. I chose the pulled beef which came with a sauce of your choice so I chose Peri Peri. Most things come with two sides of your choice so I chose fries and coleslaw but there were also beans, garlic bread and others to choose from. Danni opted for the brisket pickle bad boy sandwich with beans and fries. The food tasted amazing, except I think I made a bad choice with the Peri Peri sauce. It was hot. Very hot. I love spicy food but this was just on another level.

Even though we couldn't finish our main course, we couldn't resist trying out a dessert from the extensive menu. There were waffles and all kinds of cheesecakes. We opted for the Nutella cheesecake and the mint aero cheesecake. We expected a slice to come out but oh no, we got a full cheesecake each, Man vs Food style! We shared them and the Nutella one was definitely my fav. Of course, we couldn't finish these either but we were allowed to box them up and take them home for a treat later on!

Now for the downside. This is totally my personal preference but I just think the portion sizes were too much for someone like me. I love eating out and don't get me wrong, I'm soooo disappointed when you don't get much on your plate but this was just something else. And yes, I know this is the whole concept of Man vs Food but the whole meal just defeated me - maybe I'm just disappointed in myself, I didn't rise up to the challenge as I should have done! I will definitely be back though as Toby would love it here. I just wish they did half portions for people like me!

I would definitely recommend that you pop down and try it out for yourself. Man vs Food Grill House is located on Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough but maybe don't push yourself into two courses like I did.

What do you think? Do you like big portions?

Kirsty xo.

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