Saturday, 30 September 2017

September Favs.

Since I'm just getting back into blogging, I thought I would start a new monthly post so that even if life gets crazy and I don't post anything else that month, at least I have this. So I'm going to do monthly favs which is going to be a random collection of things I've been up to, my favourite purchases and whatever else comes to mind from that month. 

Here's September's.

1. C L U B B E R C I S E 

Honestly the best fitness regime I have ever, ever tried and the only thing I've ever stuck to for more than two months. In fact, I've been going to classes for over a year now. I know, shut the front door. Glow sticks, neon and hard, bloody work. It's in September favs as the instructor had a month off in August so I was itching to get back to it. A month in and I'm coming to the terms with the fact that my muscles ache continuously and climbing the stairs at work is suddenly a monumental task, however I feel fit and healthy and happy. 

2. C Y C L I N G 

After buying a road bike about three years ago, I have a love/hate relationship with it. I get obsessed for a couple of months and then for the next six months the bike collects dust in Toby's shed. Well I'm happy to say the cycle has just started again and I'm back into the swing of things. Crash helmets at the ready. 

3. B L O G G I N G 

I fell out of love with blogging at the beginning of this year (see post here) but this month I've found a new passion for it, along with time to dedicate to it. At the time of writing this I've drafted and scheduled nine, yes NINE more posts. Check me out. 

4. F O O  F I G H T E R S 

My fav band of all time kicked off Radio One's Live Lounge month on 1st September and we've watched it on iPlayer over and over again. Their new song The Sky is a Neighbourhood doesn't disappoint - it's been stuck in my head for all of September! Dave Grohl is a ledge. 

5. N E A N D E R T H A L S

Neanderthals is a health deli which has opened on Norton High Street serving a wide range of healthy goodness. It's my best mates place and it is right up my street - both metaphorically and literally. Watch out for a post soon! 

6. P O W E R 

I'm surprised I've had time to do any of the above because we discovered Power on Netflix this month and it has well and truly consumed our lives. I would even go as far saying it's one of the best programmes I have ever watched. It's about a drug dealer in New York who wants to go clean but there's so many twists and turns dragging him back into his old life that it leaves you on the edge of your seat after every episode.

So this is my September - what have you been getting up to this month? 

Leave a comment - would love to chat. 

Kirsty xo.

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