Monday, 11 September 2017

Wedding Update | 11 Months To Go.

Given I've been AWOL from the blogging scene for the majority of 2017, I have written very little about our wedding plans.
Whilst I don't want to go all Bridezilla on you and let our wedding consume everything I do and say, I do want to write about different parts of the planning process now and then. Partly to share this with anyone who is interested but mainly to have a cute little diary to look back on once I become Mrs Jackson.

So in order to do that, I thought I'd give you an update as to what we've planned so far whilst I've been MIA on the blog front.


This was one of the first things we booked once we got our date. We knew exactly which photographer we wanted - Gary Walsh. Gary has a studio in Norton and we love looking at the spectacular photo's in the window. We knew he was popular so we snapped up our date asap. We have had our initial meeting with him where he spends time finding out about us and what we want. I definitely want lots of natural photo's with very few formal group photos. I also love that Gary is always looking for cool shots and has lots of quirky ideas.


I wrote a post last year about all the quirky North East wedding venues we visited when we were searching for our venue. We knew that we didn't want a venue that was too formal as we wanted our wedding to be totally laid back. When we discovered the Yorkshire Wedding Barn in Gilling West, Richmond, we knew that it was the one straight away as soon as they said dogs were allowed. Yes, that's right. P-Dawg is attending the wedding in all her finery. Some people think this is odd but she's part of our family, and the wedding is going to be so chilled out that having her wander about will just seem normal. Anyway, back to the wedding. We've booked the venue for a full weekend so we can be there the night before the wedding and then all our guests can stay the night of the wedding and the night after. We love the fact that we can make a real weekend of it, like a mini getaway for all of our guests. I will do a post about our venue soon as I could write for days and days about it. I won't though, don't worry.

D R E S S E S 

I have my dress but that is all I will say on this matter. Any further details are TOP SECRET for VIP's only. I can talk about bridesmaid dresses though. I bought these really early on. I found some dresses I liked at Monsoon - they weren't the style I originally wanted but when I seen them I loved how different they were and all of my bridesmaids look amazing in them. They were also in the sale which is spot on!

F O O D 

We seem to be going for a Norton inspired theme for this wedding. Not only is Gary from Norton village, we are having Blackwell's Butchers catering our wedding. For those who don't know and who think I've lost my mind getting a butchers to cater my wedding, Blackwell's are.. the.. bomb! Blackwell's is a family run business located in the heart of Norton for over 50 years. Their food is amazing and they now cater events. We've opted for a roast dinner during the day and pie and peas on the night. I wonder if they do pre-wedding tasting sessions??

C A K E 

We want a naked cake and we've asked Toby's Nanna to make this for us. We want the wedding to be as personalised as possible and I plan on making a lot of the decoration and favours etc (assuming I don't get totally stressed out in the lead up), so we thought a homemade cake would be perfect and a great way for Toby's Nanna to really feel involved. Plus her baking skills are on point!

So those are the exciting things we've done. We still have a long way to go but I'm enjoying the process (on the whole - I do have stressful moments).

Does anyone have any wedding planning advice?

Kirsty xo. 

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