Monday, 2 October 2017

Review | Clean Eating at Neanderthals, Norton.


When your bestie opens a health deli in the village you live in, you know you're going to love it even if the food tastes like feet. Because you have to. Because she's your bestie. BUT I don't even have to be biased about Neanderthals because everything about it is genuinely the bomb.

I love eating out. I would class it as one of my hobbies if eating out's allowed to be a hobby? The downside is all the calories and fat you're putting in your body. It's amazing therefore to have Neanderthal's on my doorstep. Serving healthy, clean, delicious food, you have all of the enjoyment without the guilt. Even though it's healthy grub, they still serve full English breakfasts and cakes, just made with goodness.

So far, we've had the carnivore breakfast, pancakes, Buddha bowls and of course cake, lots of cake. The buddha bowls are cool - you get to build your own bowl choosing a main item such as chicken or beef, a filler such as sweet potato fries or rice and then either seasonal vegetables or salad. I chose portabello mushrooms, halloumi and peppers, seasonal vegetables and sesame seed roast potatoes. The halloumi is like nothing I've tasted before - I'm not cooking it right at home that's for certain and it definitely gives Nando's halloumi a run for its money. The bonus is you don't feel bloated and like you've over indulged afterwards. You can enjoy the food without feeling guilty.

Now onto the cakes. I've tried the carrot cake and the lemon drizzle cake. Neanderthals resident baker uses whole foods and healthy alternatives to the normal guilty ingredients. The carrot cake is gluten free and a regular on the menu. She uses almond flour, chopped walnuts and lots of carrot. The cake has a yogurt frosting mixed with cinnamon and is full of health benefits. It has lots of vitamin E which provides great skin and complexion, as well as lots of healthy fats from the nuts and coconut oil which help stabilise blood sugar levels meaning less impact from natural sugars. The lemon drizzle cake was a special so it's not on the menu all the time therefore I advise you to snap it up if it's on when you're there. You get a little side of raspberry chia jam with it as well which is really unique and tastes amazing. Washed down with a mixed fruits tea, these cakes are perfect for an afternoon snack!




To end this post, I want to talk about the decor in Neanderthal's. It's right up my street. Big wooden tables with metal legs sprayed matte black, vines curving around beams and an exposed industrial ceiling with cool lighting. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos on my last visit as we sat outside but I will make sure I get some next time!

If you love eating out but don't want the guilt, try Neanderthals! Open 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Saturday. You can eat in or take away.

Kirsty xo.

P.S. Dogs are allowed in the courtyard sun trap out the back so Pepper is happy. 


  1. This place honestly sounds amazing and my mouth is watering looking at the pictures! Love the fact that dogs are allowed too how cute! And I'm definitely with you, going out to eat is definitely one of my hobbies too!

    1. It really is - I love how it’s a treat eating out but still healthy :D
      Thanks for the comment xx