Monday, 23 October 2017

Wedding Update | Save the Dates.

save the date invites

After getting engaged in Lake Garda in June last year (see soppy post about it here) and booking our wedding for July 2018, it was time to come up with some sort of guest list and send save the dates out. Actually, that's stretching the truth a bit - we came up with a guest list but it's taking me ages to hand all the save the dates out - half are still sat on my kitchen counter top. My bad, promise you're invited really friend. 

It took me ages to decide on what save the dates to send out. I didn't want to spend too much on them given the expense of the wedding overall and the fact that they aren't even the proper invites but at the same time I wanted something cool. I also toyed with the idea of making them myself but couldn't think of a cool, homemade option (I do have some ideas for my invites though... watch this space). In the end we decided on the best of both worlds - part homemade, part bought. Toby really likes things made of wood so when we spotted these little magnets on Not On The High Street by a seller called Bateman Designs we placed an order straight away. I love that they are personalised and being a magnet they can be stuck on all your guests fridges as a reminder of the date throughout the year. 

Now for the homemade bit, which Toby thoroughly enjoyed doing one Friday night over a bottle of wine... Ok, maybe not, maybe just me. We bought a pack of brown rustic cards from The Range and using a heart stamp which I already had we made a bit of a pattern on the card. I then used glue dots to stick the magnet into the card. These were good as you could still pull the magnet off in tact to stick it on the fridge. Finally, the best bit. We popped the card in an envelope and after stamping our guests names on the front, I used a wax seal kit that my friend Danni bought me one Christmas to seal the envelopes (she's done a post on how to use it here). I bought a seal with mine and Toby's initials on when I was in Rome last year and used this. It looks awesome.  

save the date invites

What do you think of my save the dates? What other save the dates have you seen? 

Kirsty xo. 

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