Monday, 20 November 2017

Wedding Update | Venue.

21st July 2018. The day I become Mrs Jackson. Cue the Outkast jokes. Sorry Miss Jackson, I am for reeaalll.  I cannot wait - it's going to be the best day of our lives and to compliment that, we also have an amazing venue. 

Last year I wrote a post on the quirky North East wedding venues we went to see as part of our search for our number one place. We seen some amazing venues but our hearts were stolen by the Yorkshire Wedding Barn. Here's why. 

You get a mini holiday. We're only going to get married once so why would we want to confine the most amazing moments of our lives to just one day? Most venues charge the earth for one day. The Yorkshire Wedding Barn gives you the venue for three nights. We're arriving on the Friday night where I plan on having a couple of glasses of bubbly with my number one ladies, probably in a hot tub, then we get married on the Saturday and are having a chilled day on the Sunday full of BBQ's, games and drinks. Perfect!

Dogs can attend. Yes that's right. P-Dawg's searching for an outfit as we speak. How could we get married without our furry, four legged baby. Many people think this is weird but I just think their weird for me having the wedding without her there would be weird. Yorkshire Wedding Barn is so chilled out that having a little dog sniffing out crumbs during the wedding breakfast will seem natural. I promise..

Your guests can stay in luxury cottages. There's roll top baths, giant four poster beds, walk in waterfall showers and hot tubs in tree houses. Need I say more? 

The views are like nothing else. It's only half an hour away from Norton where I live and only a few minutes drive from a main dual carriageway but somehow when you're there, you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere surrounded by only glorious countryside. We plan on getting married outside with the backdrop being rolling hills and fields - perfect for us and our love of the great outdoors. Let's just hope it doesn't rain ey? 

It's family run. For me and Toby, we love places and businesses that are laid back, family run and  personable. We didn't want our wedding venue to be a formal, corporate feeling place and Yorkshire Wedding Barn ticks all our boxes in this respect. The venue used to be a working dairy farm but when it was becoming increasingly difficult to make money out of this, they diversified into holiday cottages and then a wedding venue. They have converted old farm buildings into the most amazing reception areas and cottages and still live on site available to help with all your needs. 

It's beautiful. The surroundings, the cottages, the barns, the outdoor ceremony area all manage to take my breath away each and every time I visit. Judge for yourself.. 

What do you think? Have you been to any similar venues? 

Kirsty xo. 


  1. Its gorgeous! Can't wait to go! Also love your writing on this post, very witty! :) xo

  2. Thanks so much Danni! We’re all going to have an amazing time! Can’t wait to see where you book for yours 😍 xx

  3. Nice share! Really beautiful venues. I am sure that one of the new venue NYC would be the perfect place for my sister's spinster party next month. Will finalize them online. Have to rush for other arrangements too. Will order make up cake along with red wine.