Monday, 4 December 2017

Why I'm Selling the House to Buy a Morgan.

For Toby's birthday, we had a little road trip to a quaint little village four hours away called Malvern. On the way we stopped off to go shopping and eat a giant burrito each at Meadowhall in Sheffield before carrying on our journey and arriving at our Hilton hotel ready for a spot of swimming, an amazing meal and a bottle of vino or two.

The meal was spot on, mainly because the chef accidentally made too much food meaning we had an extra camembert cheese for our starter. Who doesn't love extra, unexpected, free camembert cheese? Living the dream. 

Anyway we didn't just visit this random village of Malvern for the crack, although I would definitely go just for the free camembert cheese. We visited as we had tickets to have a tour of the Morgan factory which we had booked for the following morning. I knew that Toby would love this and I thought I would find it fairly interesting but in actual fact I absolutely loved it, despite not being fascinated by cars like Toby. For those who don't know, Morgan cars are British made sports cars. The Morgan Motor Company Ltd is a family run business and was established way back in 1909. The factory has been situated in Malvern since this time and regularly does tours. We joined a group of about 15 people for the tour where we wore headphones to listen to the host - an extremely knowledgeable and passionate Morgan lover with a crazy big grey moustache named Robert. The tour involved literally walking through a working factory. We seen cars being built from scratch and it was fascinating to see the craftsmanship that goes into them. There's no automated production lines here. Each car is worked on by one man at a time and lots of parts are measured by eye rather than sophisticated mass market production techniques.

After the tour we raided the gift shop. I bought a cool black jumper and we bought a huge A0 poster for the house that looks amazing. I wrote about it in my House Buys post a few weeks ago. Who would have known after one trip I'd become such a Morgan fanatic? Now just to sell the house, live in a tent and order ourselves a three wheeler.

If you are into cars or want to treat someone who is, these Morgan Factory tours will not disappoint. Priced at only 20 quid per person, you can't go wrong.

What do you think?

Kirsty xo. 

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