Monday, 18 December 2017

Six Ways to Save When Planning a Wedding.

There are so many mixed views on the cost of a wedding. On one hand you're hopefully only going to do it once and it's going to be the best day of your life, so why not go all out. 
On the other hand, it's only one day. It's the first day of the rest of your life with your loved one, so why not save your money and spend it on building a brilliant life together?

Whatever your thoughts, planning a wedding can easily rack up to the tens of thousands of pounds before you've even thought about the finer details. So here's some tips to save you some money for the big day. 

1. Splurge and Save. 

When we first started planning our wedding, we made a list of all the different things we would need to buy. We then decided which of those things were most important to us and which were less so and allocated money based on this. For example, we knew that having a great photographer who would capture natural moments and give us photographs and memories we could treasure forever was important so we decided to spend a bit extra on that. We then decided that the things that we weren't overly fussed about, we would either not have them at all or spend less money on them. An example here is the cake. Whilst I do love cake, spending hundreds of pound on a cake was not something we wanted to do. So we decided we would spend less on this. 

2. DIY Bouquets. 

Similar to the above, I wasn't overly fussed about spending a fortune on flowers. They would look good at the ceremony and in photo's but other than that, I imagine they would just get in the way or I'd leave them on a random table while I busted some moves on the dance floor. 

Cue making our own. All I want are sunflowers, gypsophila and some form of lilac flowers (yes, I have no clue about flower names). I think it would be nice to make simple bouquets the night before the wedding with my bridesmaids so watch out for how this turns out! 

3. Getting quotes. 

This was a tip a friend gave me that I haven't tried yet but it makes sense. When asking for quotes for things such as cakes, flowers or invitations don't say it's for a wedding straight away. Some suppliers unfortunately hike the price up when they know it's for that special day.

4. Homemade Cake. 

As per point one, we weren't too bothered about spending a fortune on a cake and luckily for us Toby's Nanna is a pro-baker. She has happily agreed to make us a 'naked' cake (google it if you don't know, it's great) for the big day and to be honest, whilst saving the money on this is a perk, the biggest bonus is that it becomes priceless. It makes the cake even more special to us that she will have made it and it will make her feel even more involved in the wedding. 

5. DIY Photo Booth. 

At a wedding I went to earlier in the year, they had created their own photo booth. Rather than spend hundreds of pounds on one from a proper supplier, they had simply decorated a big frame in flowers and put their names and date of the wedding on. They supplied a big tub of hats, wigs and funky glasses and then guests snapped their own photo's with their phones and cameras. By adding a hashtag for the wedding, the bride and groom were still able to see all of the photo's taken on social media. 

6. Buy your dress off the rack. 

Whilst the dress is a big part of the day for any bride, don't rule out going to outlets and buying dresses off the rack which may need to be altered. I got my dress from an outlet and I am absolutely in love with it. It needs a bit of altering and it was still a fair price but in comparison to what I would have paid buying it from the supplier, it was a steal. 

I get married in July next year - do you have any more tips for me?? 

Kirsty xo. 

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