Monday, 5 March 2018

Six Things They Don't Tell You About Camping.

DISCLAIMER: I loooveeee camping. Apart from festivals, I've only been twice properly but it's been great both times. Below is just a bit of a fun post about the things a camping novice like myself didn't realise prior to camping. 

1. There's no light pollution. 

How nice is this - if you camp out in the countryside like we do away from houses, shops, industry and traffic, you really get the authentic camping feel. Really feel at one with nature. There's only one downside. When you need the toilet at 1 a.m. and stupidly decided to camp in the furthest corner of the field, you have to SOMEHOW navigate yourself to the loos in the pitch black. I mean like literally, you cannot see anything. Coupled with forgetting to bring a torch, this task is a monumentous feat. Keep your phone charged, you're going to need that handy little iPhone torch. Also keep one on in the tent so you can find your way back too.. All tents look the same in the dark. 

2. Tents aren't waterproof if you don't put them up right. 

Apparently you have to really stretch the tent out when you're putting it up according to Toby. We didn't do this so there were parts of the tent where rain water collected rather than rolling straight off. Once a little puddle formed, the slightest wrong move inside the tent and the water came through. This was a major issue when Pepper thought a good game would be to fight with the inner tent wall and the tent heavens opened. Cheers P! 

3. There are no hairdryers. 

Ok, so I had a blonde moment. I really thought the campsite would provide hair dryers like a hotel and I have no idea why. Of course they wouldn't do that. Dry shampoo was my saviour. My bad. 

4. You need layers, lots of layers. 

Camping can be cold, even if you go in the height of Summer, but once you get snug in your sleeping bag, you can become over heated, therefore layers are essential. I brought lots of layers of clothing and lots of blankets so we could add and remove as we pleased. 

5. You should always camp near a pub! 

Ok so this might just be my preference but when it's pouring down, you've been outside all day and you can't physically bbq in the rain, a cosy pub is nice. During our most recent, rainy camping trip, we went to the pub after a day of walking at about 5 p.m. We stayed there for a couple of hours, got nice and warm, had a few pints and some lovely food, then came back to the tent to get cosy. Perfect. 

6. Sharing an inflatable mattress is hard. 

Myself and Toby differ somewhat in the amount we weigh. This is largely down to the fact that Toby is about 10 foot taller than I am therefore weighs more, not that fact that I am fit and light because I'm not. I eat a lot of cake. Anyway, this weight difference plays havoc when trying to share an inflatable mattress with someone. The heavier of the pair gets annoyed at the lighter of the pair as they feel they are taking up all the room, when in actual fact it's gravity pulling me towards you my lovely. It's a nightmare - take two mattresses, that's what we did the second time and it was great until Pepper got excited and bit a hole in one. Again, cheers P! 

What do you think of camping? Can you recommend any good campsites? 

Kirsty xo. 

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  1. Ah such a cool post, it made me chuckle and I enjoyed hearing about your camping tales. I’ve been camping quite a few times, and love getting all snug in a sleeping bag and of course cosy camping food. We always had things like beans on toast, basically anything in a tin. My parents bought a campervan a year or so back, we have been overnight places a fair few times now and we love it. I find camping and campervaning a great experience. Thanks for commenting on one of my recent read blog posts and hope you have a great week ahead! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog